What is an app?

App is short for Application... a software program that runs on your phone or computer. These Applications are what we call "new media". As the world is moving away from printed text to more digital sources, applications are written to publish this content and have it accessible on your mobile device. Getaway Appventures' Apps are available on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and IPad.

Why do I need that app?

Getaway Appventures' Applications are like a television show, printed travel guide, encyclopedia, site brochure, map... all in one! We are the only place you need to go when planning your itinerary. We tell you the hours, entry cost, important tips, the history behind the site, and our mapping function will get you there. Getaway Appventures is all you need!

What makes Getaway Appventures travel guides different?

The big difference between Getaway Appventures and other travel apps is that we have actually been there. We travel to each and every point of interest. After all, how can we recommend that you visit if we have never visited ourselves.

Some travel apps are just indexes of websites. You might as well just use Google! At Getaway Appventures, we put the content in our app. You won’t have to go anywhere else to find the information you need.

When it comes to the content, we spend hours visiting and researching each Point of Interest. We want to tell you more than dates and statistics… we want you to know the real stories.

We go beyond text and include interesting audio and lively videos. We interview the experts at these sites and include those as added content.

We also provide this product at a great value as it is priced between $0.99 and $4.99.

How do I get the apps?

The apps are available on Apple’s App Store. You can visit the App Store on your PC or Mac by running iTunes and choosing iTunes Store on the left hand side. You’ll find apps located along the top menu bar of the App Store. You can also search for the app in the search box at the top of the window.

On the iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, you can get to the App Store by tapping on the blue icon that looks like a “A”. You’ll find our apps under the travel category, or by searching in the search box at the top of the screen. 

Once you find the app you want, simply tap the price button, then “Install”. The app will be purchased and downloaded to either your iTunes library (if you’re on iTunes) or directly to your device if you used the on device App Store.

How do you choose sites for the apps?

We have spent hours of travel and research on each App, and feature the most interesting and significant points of interest. Really, it is a gut decision... sometimes the least significant site has the most interesting backstory, so we put it in. We want to do more than inform you... we want to educate and to excite you.

How can I suggest a site?

In the app, you'll see an "info" button along the bottom of the screen. Tap "Info" and choose "Contact Us" on the toolbar. You can send us a site you think we should consider adding in the next app update. We don't promise it will make it in, but we will give it due consideration.

Why would I want my site in your app?

That’s easy!! It’s free advertising. You pay us nothing and gain increased traffic. Apple has sold more then 33.75 Million iPhones (4Q 2009), over 20 Million iPod Touch (Sept 2009), and over 500,000 iPads in it’s first month (April 2010)… that is a whole lot of potential visitors.